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Dancers Tips and Tricks

When guys see us on stage they often visit our profile, so it's important we have a good one. Make sure to have some sexy photos. It might even be a good idea to create a "fantasy folder" where you can post pics of others doing things you would like to do. Telling a bit about yourself is important. It enhances their fantasys about us and attracts the sort of people we want to attract. If you only have sex scenes with guys as a working girl you need to put something in profile to make them expect the need to pay. However, I think its best to let them think you make some but not all pay. Some guys unwilling to pay full price for a session with you may tip you and spend time trying to seduce you.

Most men prefer to believe that you play with them because they turn you on, not because they paid you for the service. Its better to let them feel you want to rush off with them right now for some hot play but cant without making rays need to get your VIP, have to pay a decorator, need new clothes, are working and cant leave right now except to make rays, etc. "The way youre talking to me is making me crazy horny but ive got to stay until i make enough for my VIP or im gonna be a greenie soon." Remember you are a fantasy provider, not a store clerk.

We are not all the same and neither are the people who come to the club looking for fun. Get to know the other dancers. If you talk to a guy whose looking for a Domme and you dont have that sort of personality, send him to another dancer who is right for him. If you do that, she will later send you the man looking for a submissive lil girl, or a Lez Domme, or whatever you like most. The more people find what they want at our club, the more people will be there. The more people there, the more even MORE will come to see whats going on.

Don't lead people to think you are needing rays bad. YOU are a desirable women in high demand. If you create a lesser impression you seem cheap and will be treated that way. Remember, the harder you are to get, the more they want you. Don't dance more than two or three songs in front of the same man, even if you are chatting with him. Move to another spot. When he asked why, did he offend you......."No hon, i enjoyed talking to you but im a dancer and i have to go where the tips are."

Never be rude to a patron, even when he deserves it. Tell management and let THEM deal with the guy standing in front of the chair where your good tipper is seated, jumps up on stage for a dance, etc. You can even apoligize to them for them being booted, if they return, letting them know those are rules beyond your control. He will feel better and hang around behaving better. When his friends see him there, they might come visit. It would be good if he's telling them what a sweatheart you are.

If you have a jealous boyfriend, mistress, etc, DON'T bring them to the club. They can get in the way of your working and cause the sort of Drama we don't need. When rants get carried into open chat people get uncomfortable and leave. People not interested in having fun need to stay the hell out of the club. It hurts us all so don't be a cause of it.

When you flirt with people do it in general chat so others hear. It keeps the excitement level in the club high. That makes people stay around waiting to see what wild thing happens next. The more people stay, the more of their friends come to see whats going on. Also, when you flirt openly you attract more attention to yourself. People PM you more and start to hit on you. The more open banter and flirting in the room openly, the more people will want to be there. But if you start getting into talks over how much for doing this or that, take it to PM. You dont want everyone to know this, plus the business side of our business has a cooling effect on the room . KEEP THAT PRIVATE.

When someone starts to show you attention, read his profile real quick. The more you know about him, the better you can play to his fantasys. If you are here to make Rays, his fantasys are more important at this point than yours. Tell him something about one of his pictures that you like. You can exaggerate but don't tell implausible lies. If he weighs 500 pounds and has a 2 inch dick, don't tell him how sexy he looks. There is a limit to how far the truth can be stretched...hehe.

During the night look at your bank often to see if someone tipped you, so you can tell them thank you. Not all people tell you when they give a tip and they like it when you show you are paying attention. At the end of the night, or the next day, look at your account and see who tipped you. Then send out Thank You messages. "Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed our chat at the club and say Thank You. Its nice to know someone appreciates me as much as you do. It's sort of a way of keeping score on how hot I am..hehe" . This takes only a few minutes and pays off in the long run. This is the sort of thing that turns single night flirts into long-term regulars.

I work hard to make the club where you work a success. We pay rays for DJ's, offer prizes during promotions, and put out lots of rays to keep the traffic coming. The more we have to spend on the club, the more we can attact customers that benefit us all. Unlike some clubs, we don't demand payment from girls on our stage. We would like to hope that our girls can see the benefit of supporting our efforts with rays. If you have a good night for tips or get paid well for a scene, think of the club that helps make it possible for you. The more we can afford to do at the club to attract traffic, the better it is for us all. So make an occasional donation to DJ_Kernios to show how much you appreciate OUR work for you and to help make this the best damn club in RLC!